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About me!

Who the dickens are you?

My name is Jess Bradley and I'm an illustrator and character designer from Bristol, England. I draw a lot of cute and odd stuff. I graduated from UWE Bristol longer ago than I care to remember and have been drawing professionally since then. I also worked in a comic shop for over 3 years where I self-published my own comic, Guide Dog Detective, and got into the small press scene.

I'm sure I've seen your work before...?

I attend a lot of comic and film conventions around the UK, selling my wares and sketching for people! You might have seen me at LFCC, The British International Comic Show, The Web and Mini Comix Thing and the Bristol International Comic Show. One of my t-shirt designs from Genki Gear was also on The IT Crowd if you've got really good eyesight and saw it.

Do you accept commissions?

I do indeed! Please drop me an email with what you would like and we can discuss prices and what-not. I'm always up for an illustrative challenge!